20 hp compressor with V- Belt Driven Air Center

A Complete System

Kaeser AirCenters are the answer to many challenges. The integrated design reduces time spent in planning and purchasing your air system. We combine the reliability, energy efficiency and easy-to-service design of our industrial rotary screw compressors into a space-saving package complete with a storage tank and clean air treatment equipment. AirCenters arrive completely assembled, saving you a lot of time and expense in installation.


  • AirCenters are available in 3 hp units to 20 hp units, with pressures from 80 to 217 psig.
  • AirCenters are our standard SX, SM, and SK compressors with integral dryers vertically mounted on a storage tank

The energy-saving Sigma Profile

Kaeser’s proprietary Sigma Profile is up to 20% more efficient than other conventional designs. Manufactured according to strict quality standards, these airends guarantee long operational life and outstanding reliability.

Sigma Control 2

The control unit features an easy to read display and durable input keys. All relevant information can be viewed at a glance and user-friendliness is further enhanced by the logical menu structure coupled with the ability to display data in any one of 30 selectable languages.

One complete package

Kaeser’s Packaged Compressed Air Systems are completely piped, wired and ready for installation – simply make your utility connections and you’re ready for operation.