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At Commercial Air, we don’t just sell compressors, we size out the right compressors that make your system optimal and cost effective.

Our primary goal is total customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, we have created a great network to provide all-round customer support. Expert service technicians and engineers are available throughout our company to give fast, reliable help, where you need it and when you need it. From complex installations and challenging environments to facilities with limited space, our team can design and layout a system to meet the specified requirements for performance and reliability.

Reduce energy costs with an energy efficiency audit

Energy costs to operate a compressed air system can take up to 70% of overall costs however reductions in power consumption can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Studies have estimated that the saving potential of many air systems can be up to 30%.

We offer the following services to help you evaluate, analyze and improve air system efficiency and performance.

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Kaeser Energy Saving System

Kaeser Energy Saving System

The Kaeser Energy Saving System (KESS) simulates the power requirement of different system scenarios. With an ADA included, it can be used for a preliminary air system evaluation. The findings can then offer insight into potential improvements and accurately predict future energy savings. Performed in conjunction with our proprietary ADA, KESS uses the critical data gathered to find the most cost effective and energy-efficient solution for the specific application.


Air Demand Analysis

Kaeser’s unique Air Demand Analysis (ADA) program provides a complete and accurate air demand and consumption profile. The result is a clear picture of the precise compressed air requirements.


Leak Detection

Most compressed air systems operate inefficiently. One of the leading causes of this inefficiency is leaks in the air system, leading to unnecessarily high energy costs. Many facilities can discover savings up to 50% by studying and optimizing their compressed air system, which includes a leak detection audit.

Department of Energy Findings

Compressors use as much as 10% of all electricity generated in the United States. The Department of Energy estimates that roughly half is wasted, with more than 25% of all compressed air lost through leaks (some air audit professionals have found overall leak rates as high as 50%). An additional 15-25% is wasted through artificial demand and inappropriate uses.

Power accounts for roughly 70% of compressed air operating costs. When you consider that just one 100 hp compressor consumes $50,000 in electricity per year* it becomes clear how much you stand to gain by improving your compressed air system efficiency.

* Based on full-time operation at the US average cost for industrial electricity of $0.06/kWh

Customer Service

Competence in service

In compressor and blower mechanics and electrics.
Compressor room ventilation.
Refrigeration engineering.
Air treatment engineering.
Condensate treatment engineering.
Electronic control and feedback engineering.
Compressed air system optimization.

Greater operational reliability and cash-savings

Prevention of damage using correct preventive measures.
Reduction in downtime with reliable fault diagnosis.
Clogged filters lead to excessive pressure loss (one bar less pressure reduces the power consumption of your air system by 6 – 10 %).


Improve the reliability of your compressed air system

Product and interval-related inspection alongside user-realized maintenance.
Test of components relevant to operation and safety.
Upkeep of operational reliability.
Planning and agreement of inspection dates.
Working time, travelling time and accommodation charged on a flat rate basis.


Preservation of operational reliability and value of your air system

Product and interval-related maintenance with inspection inclusive.
Testing and if necessary, re-adjustment of components relevant to operation and safety.
Upkeep of the operational reliability and the high efficiency and economy of your air system over its entire life cycle.
Planning and agreement of maintenance dates.
Working time, travelling time and accommodation charged on a flat rate basis.
Repair work, operating materials, consumable and spare parts will be charged separately as required.
Operating materials and consumable parts disposed of to environmental regulations on request.

Full Service

All inclusive

Product and interval-related maintenance with inspection plus repairs necessary for operation inclusive.
Testing, and, if necessary, readjustment of components relevant to operation and safety.
Upkeep of the operational reliability, the high efficiency and economy of your air system over the whole of its life cycle.
Planning and agreement of maintenance dates.
Individual flat rate price inclusive of all operating materials and consumable parts and their disposal to environmental regulations:
All spare parts that are to be renewed periodically (e.g. service kits, V-belts, couplings, motor bearings, hoses).
All components necessary for operation (e.g. Sigma airend, motor, cooler).
The working hours needed for such work, travelling and accommodation costs.


We Service All Make of Air Compressors

Our team of diverse technicians can service all compressors and dryers:


  • – Atlas Copco
  • – Gardner- Denver
  • – Quincy
  • – Sullair
  • – Ingersoll-Rand
  • – Boge
  • – FS Curtis
  • – Compair
  • – Champion
  • – Sullivan Palatek
  • – Chicago Pneumatic
  • – Mattei


  • – Atlas Copco
  • – Domnick Hunter
  • – Ingersoll-Rand
  • – SPX
  • – Zeks
  • – Friulair
  • – Drymax