V-Belt Driven Air Tower

Industrial Quality for Your Shop

If you are like most shop compressor owners, you need a reliable source of clean, dry air that you do not have to think about on a daily basis. You have enough to do without designing and then installing a new compressed air system. To help keep things simple, Kaeser offers the Airtower, a more affordable but rugged shop compressor for any light industrial application including woodworking, machine shops and metal fabrication, and all sorts of vehicle maintenance and repair. Available in 4, 5, and 7.5 hp, the Airtower offers a quality alternative to piston and light duty rotary compressors.

We combine the reliability, energy efficiency and easy-to-service design of our industrial rotary screw compressors with a storage tank and dryer. Airtowers are completely assembled and their compact design saves you precious floor space. They arrive ready for installation, saving you a lot of time and expense.

Performance rated in accordance with CAGI/PNEUROP PN2CPTC2 test code. Other pressures available from 80 to 217 psig.

N0 Model Rated Motor Power (hp) Flow at 125 psig (cfm) Maximum Pressure (psig)
1 Airtower 4C 4 15.9 217
2 Airtower 5C 5 21.2 217
3 Airtower 7.5C 7.5 28.3 217