Auto Magnetic Drains

Kaeser Automatic Magnectic Drains (AMD) remove condensate and other contaminants from your air system. The large capacity of automatic magnetic drains makes them suitable for a broad range of applications. Highly dependable and requiring little maintenance, automatic magnetic drains maintain a “liquid seal” which prevents compressed air loss. Unlike traditional float drains, the operating mechanisms are isolated from condensate so no fouling or sticking occurs.


  • Model: AMD 1550
  • Compressor Capacities: up to 35,000 scfm

The AMD 1550 is ideally suited for use with coolers, refrigerated dryers, filters and liquid separators. A rugged, corrosion resistant housing and internal parts prevents fouling. No electricity is required for this automatic magnetic drain and you can choose top or bottom connections to simplify installation. Modular construction allows easy servicing.