Rotary Lobe Blowers Bare Blowers

Precision machining

Highly accurate CNC machines grind the rotor profiles and gears to a tolerance of 1/1000 mm. The minimal gaps between the rotor tips and casing gaurantee the highest volumetric efficiencies and reduced slip. Every blower undergoes a strict dimensional check.


  • Omega Series
  • Delivery: up to 5650 cfm
  • Pressure up to: 15 psig
  • Vacuum to: 15″Hg

Piston-ring sealing

The heat-treated metal piston-ring air and oil labyrinth type seals provide long life, reliability and excellent sealing.

Heavy-duty bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings are able to take up 100% of the widely varying radial forces occurring during operation.

Precision gears

Spur-type, case-hardened, precision ground timing gears minimize vibration and mechanical noise, and allow accurate rotor to rotor timing for improved efficiency.

Sealing strips

Specially designed rotor sealing strips reduce sensitivity to contamination and intermittent thermal overloading.

Solid block casing

The ribbed design of the single-piece cast casing body ensures optimal heat dissipation and torsional rigidity.

Reliable splash lubrication

Oil slingers mounted on both the drive-end and gear-end ensure reliable splash oil lburication to bearings and gears.