Energy-Efficient Compressed Air Dryers for Toronto, Scarborough, Concord, and Pickering Industrial Plants

When it comes to compressed air dryer products, installation, service, and maintenance, Commercial Air Compressor Ltd. is the name you can trust. We’re dedicated to providing energy-efficient and eco-friendly compressed air dryers for industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Reliable operation and proven energy-savings for pressure dew points to 38°F

We offer refrigerated air dyers from 10 to 12,500 SCFM. Non-cycling, cycling, and dual control dryers provide maximum efficiency by offering the best drying solution for a wide range of applications.

Why Do I Need a Compressed Air Dryer?

Dry air is essential in ensuring compressed air systems are in good working condition. Industrial and manufacturing plants that rely on air compressors to treat the atmospheric air in their facilities require a compressed air dryer to eliminate moisture that can damage the system.

Atmospheric air in different facilities contains certain levels of water vapour. When this is compressed, the concentration levels of moisture increase and the moisture condenses into a dangerous liquid.

If left untreated, wet air can contaminate your product and water vapour can precipitate in your pipes and equipment, leading to pipe freeze and corrosion. With a proper treatment system in place, your facility can avoid a host of issues that can slow down your production.

Costly problems like these can be avoided by installing a compressed air dryer system for Toronto, Scarborough, Concord, and Pickering plants. A compressed air dryer siphons and reduces moisture from ambient air. In industrial and manufacturing facilities, air dryers also play a pivotal role in keeping the air clean, healthy, and safe for workers.

What Are the Effects of Air Moisture on a Facility?

Machines and systems pervaded by water vapour will exhibit the following problems:

  • Inadequate Lubrication – Precipitated moisture the dilutes lubrication, exposing machines to greater wear and tear. The more the parts grind together rigorously, the higher the chances of machine failure. Minimizing moisture reduces wear and tear, prolonging the lifespan of machines while preventing eventual downtime and production loss.
  • Rusting and Corrosion – Exposure to moist air can put your machines at a higher risk of rusting and corrosion. During frigid temperatures, moisture buildup in pipes and equipment could freeze, block your systems, and possibly cause leaks.
  • Bacterial Growth – Bacteria thrive in moist conditions and can negatively impact your operations. This is especially true if your processes involve food/beverage production or medical applications. Poor air quality often leads to substandard end products.

At the end of the day, the infiltration of moisture in compressed air systems leads to compromised air quality, equipment damage, limited operation, and reduced quality of products. To protect your business from the ill effects of wet air, get the best compressed air dryer. In Scarborough Toronto, Concord, and Pickering, Commercial Air Compressor Ltd. is the go-to supplier for durable and energy-efficient compressor air dryers.

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