Large Frame Blower Packages: HB Series

Simple maintenance
Sound enclosures have removable panels allowing easy access for all service work such as oil and filter inspection changes and V-belt tensioning.


Premium efficiency motors
Premium efficiency, TEFC drive motors are EPAct compliant. Optional motor enclosures and voltages are available.
belt tensioning Automatic belt tensioning
The pivoting motor base and tension spring automatically apply the correct V-belt tension for excellent transmission efficiency. The visual indicator prevents overtensioning to extend belt, pulley and bearing life.
oil changing Simple maintenance
Drain valves with gasketed caps mounted on the front, just inside the access door, simplify oil changes.
axial fan on rotary blower package Effective cooling
The combination of air ducts in the sound enclosure and powerful fans create a highly efficient cooling system that ensures effective cooling even for frequency-controlled units.
cooling air flow Cooling air flow
The optional sound enclosure features a cooling air opening directly adjacent to the drive motor for effective cooling and optimum efficiency – even under maximum load conditions. The inlet and outlet cooling air openings are fitted with foam-filled silencing covers.


HB 1300Pi
2176 to 4493 CFM

HB 1600Pi
2922 to 5258 CFM

Pressure up to: 15 psig
Vacuum to: 15″ Hg