Secotec Cycling Refrigerated Dryers: TA - TE SERIES

Kaeser Secotec® dryers condense and remove moisture before it attacks your system. These reliable dryers feature the energy saving Secotec cycling control. Secotec dryers operate the refrigerant compressor only when necessary by using a thermal storage medium. The refrigerant compressor cools the medium to a predetermined temperature and then cuts off, allowing the medium to cool the air and condense the water vapor.

Exceptional efficiency

The high capacity thermal mass is cooled down to cut-out temperature by the refrigeration circuit and extracts the heat from the compressed air that flows through the heat exchanger. As soon as the temperature of the thermal mass rises to the cut-in temperature the refrigerant compressor starts and cools it down again. This feature considerably reduces power consumption compared with non-cycling controllers.

Saving you energy: Secotec control

The Secotec cycling control significantly reduces energy consumption compared with conventional systems with continuous control. The refrigeration circuit is activated only when cooling is actually required.

Minimal pressure drop

Secotec series dryers ensure minimal pressure drop thereby saving additional energy, as the required maximum pressure is reduced.

No pre-filter

Secotec energy-saving dryers do not require a pre-filter. This translates into significantly lower investment and maintenance costs, as well as a lower pressure differential.


  • TA to TE series
  • Air flow rate: 20 to 460 cfm at 100 psig.