Rotary Lobe Blowers

Kaeser’s Omega rotary lobe blowers are available in standard or customized blower packages with high-efficiency motors, v-belt drives, silencers and inlet filters. Sound enclosures reduce noise levels up to 20 dB(A). Integrated blower packages include additional features such as an integral frequency drive and Kaeser Start Control.

Screw Blowers

Kaeser screw blowers use up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary blowers and even achieve significant energy savings compared to currently available screw blowers. The combination of a blower airend with high efficiency Sigma profile rotors, flow-optimized components, efficient power transmission and drive components ensures exceptional performance, guaranteed by Kaeser in accordance with the stringent requirements of ISO 1217

Rotary Lobe Blowers

Complete Blower Packages

The Com-paK positive displacement (PD) blower package is uniquely designed to minimize space requirements and reduce installation costs.

All routine maintenance points are accessible from the front while all utility connections are located in the back. All pipe connections and cooling air apertures are located at the rear of the unit, which makes side-by-side installation possible.

The fully enclosed design and proprietary Omega tri-lobe pd blower design minimizes pulsation and noise. The Com-paK is complete with premium efficiency TEFC motor, silencers, and integrated controls. The package arrives ready for installation.

Series Horsepower Range (hp) Flow Range (cfm) Integrated Controls
BBC 2 – 20 57 – 270 available
CBC 7.5 – 40 116 – 419 available
DBC 7.5 – 60 261 – 747 available
EBC 25 – 100 577 – 1366 available
FBC 40 – 175 683 – 1968 available
HBC 75 – 250 1429 – 3296

Packaged Units